Boycott Israel
For Peace

After the attack on New York and Washington, September 11th, it is evident to a growing extent that the key to a peaceful development in the international community is the development of the political situation in the Middle East.

The highly armed state of Israel is a superpower to Palestine and has for years been ignoring the resolutions from the UN.

Some of the most important resolutions that are ignored by Israel are:
No 194, on the right of refugees to return to their home land,
No 242, on the the Israelian forces to leave occupied aereas,
No 478, on declaration of illegal occupation of East Jerusalem.

There is a peaceful weapon that You can use to help the UN to push power behind all these declarations:
Don't buy any products from Israel!
Don't visit Israel as a tourist!

If you will try to exclude Palestinian products from your boycott, look for the articles at the website by Gush Shalom, the Israelian Peace movement that was honoured the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize 2001.

Please send this message to your Friends and Collegues around the World.